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Enjoy comfort and calm in the city

Tadoussac offers great calm and many activities

Tadoussac, small city of 800 peoples during winter, is at the heart of the Côte-Nord touristic area of Quebec. Its location at the crossing of St-Lawrence river and Saguenay fjord, an ideal conjonction to create commerce exchange but also people gathering to sing, dance and feast with local fishes, lobsters and more. 


CIMM (Marin Mammals Interpretation Center). The show to know everything you have ever wanted to learn about whales, dolphins and the many cetaceans swimming the shores of Tadoussac. Come to see the largest collection of whales skeletons in Canada.

Whales cruises

From Tadoussac's port, you can board a big glass sides boat to look at whales in comfort or you can also board a speedy bumpy Zodiac for a close encounter (abiding the conservation rules)

Booking available at the reception

Cultural Events

The largest of the smaller festival of French songs from June 16 th to June 19 2022. This festival spreads out the french songs in the natural surrounding of North Shore of St-Lawrence river. Tadoussac follow all summer the rhythm of the festival and all the associated events.

Le Poste de Traite Chauvin

Established in 1600 by Pierre de Chauvin de Tonnetuit, the Tadoussac trading post bore witness to the birth of New France. Here, Aboriginals and Europeans not only traded goods, but they also shared knowledge and values. Discover history by visiting this symbolic place, which continues to receive visitors from near and far.

157, rue Bord-de-l’eau
Tadoussac, Qc, G0T 2A0
Tél : 418-235-4657

golf Tadoussac

Golf Tadoussac

367, rue des Pionniers
Tadoussac, Qc, G0T 2A0
Tél : 418-235-4306

Local trails

Many trails to explore around Tadoussac

The Dunes
Pointe de l’Islet
Fjord’s trail
Sainte-Marguerite’s bay

– Mont Adela Lessard

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