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One of the finest bay in the world

Tadoussac is one of the most beautiful bay in the world, preserve nature, walking trails for all the family and for the adventurous and beautiful whales watching from shores or from boats.


Just for a walk in the village to taste the magnificent breads and cakes of Tadoussac bakers, to walk on the fine sand of the beach, start on the adventurous two days trail on top of the Saguenay cliffs or ride a zodiac to chase the sight of the great whales, Tadoussac will fulfill all your dreams of nature.


“Great communication with the staff throughout my reservation process. And super cute lady at the front desk when we arrived. Very friendly and helpful. Room was beautiful and spacious. Very clean and had everything we needed for a short stay. Great location.”



“It was such a sweet hotel in the middle of the cutest town! I would definitely come back! ”



“Comfy bed. Convenient to market; other activities about a 7 minute walk away.”



“Nice, well located and super clean! We enjoyed our stay! ”



“The rooms were fabulous!!! The beds were really comfortable and the staff was awesome!!”



“Location is perfect, the place is quiet, very clean, close to the beach and the staff was really nice. She gave us a map with best spots in town.”